Living products work harder for your customers – and your brand.

Brand loyalty isn’t bought – it’s earned. So the only way out of a fight to the lowest price is innovation.

The trouble is, the vast majority of innovation in customer experiences happens online – while the vast majority of sales still happen offline.

So if your brand’s going to innovate to improve customer experiences, your biggest opportunity is offline.

We digitize the products you already sell so you can deliver exclusive, dynamic experiences through them, at the tap of a phone, at and after the point of sale – wherever it is.

That’s big. Because it means you can deliver innovative mobile experiences that start in the real world and scale digitally.

  • Earn your customers’ loyalty with digital interactions that give them exclusive, dynamic content.
  • Give your users the ability to authenticate your products at the tap of a phone.
  • Gain unprecedented insights into how people use and interact with your products at and after the point of sale.

This is a whole new paradigm for innovative, intelligent brand experiences. This is the Internet of your things.

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