How living product data transforms consumer experiences, stores and the supply chain.

It’s never been harder to compete in retail. And it’s never been harder to realise gains in your retail operations.

The problem is that even though you’re relying on all sorts of digital systems to manage shopper experiences, your stores and supply chain, there’s still a huge gap between your data and the real world.

Because your physical products are still fundamentally divorced from your digital systems.

This offline black hole means you get patches of insight and a whole lot of blind spots in between.

We digitize the products you already sell so you can connect them to the digital systems you already use.

This is living product data. And it offers you all the consumer engagement and operational insights you need to:

  • Turn customers into loyal fans by offering exclusive, dynamic mobile experiences
  • Sell more and keep shoppers happy by avoiding stock-outs and improving your rate of stock replenishment
  • Drive in-store efficiency by spotting hidden inefficiencies across your store operations and supply chain with real-world insights for stock allocation

This is about simultaneously selling more and lowering the costs of running your stores and supply chain.

This is about reinventing retail without reinventing your products.

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