Real-world insight into your retail operations.

Your supply chain and retail operations exist in an offline black hole. Living product data shines a light on what’s really happening in the real world.

Supply chain digitization
See how quickly and efficiently every single product moves through your supply chain in real-time.
In-store readiness
Get insights into stock with automated inventory accuracy. It streamlines stock counts. And helps you avoid stock outs.
Merchandise engagement
Visualize your customers’ actual path to purchase, tracking item consideration data like fit-to-conversion rates.
In-store optimization
Make visual merchandising and mark-down optimization decisions based on real-world store insights.
Omnichannel product data
Optimize inventory and speed-up delivery across online and offline channels with real-time, consistent product data.
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Smart Cosmos

Smart Cosmos captures and manages living product data so you can use it with your existing applications.

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How living products improve customer experiences

Living products work harder for your customers – and your brand.

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