Customer experience innovation – where it matters most.

Turn your products into platforms for customer experience innovation. Deliver exclusive, dynamic interactions in the real world – at digital scale.

Deliver dynamic customer experiences in retail stores
Give your customers intelligent, personalized content when they tap your products. In a store. At home. Wherever.
Turn products into subscription services
They buy your stuff. They run out of your stuff. They tap your stuff. They order more. Wherever they are.
Turn customers into loyal fans
Their excitement at the offline point of sale is at its peak. Deliver offline experiences that earn online loyalty sign-ups.
Gain post-sale insights
Find out how your customers use your products after the offline point of sale with living product data.
Prevent product fraud
When they buy your products, they need to know they aren’t fake. One-tap product authentication proves it.
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Smart Cosmos

Smart Cosmos captures and manages living product data so you can use it with your existing applications.

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How living products improve customer experiences

Living products work harder for your customers – and your brand.

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