Our platform manages living product data. So you can connect near real-time product data directly to your digital systems, powering solutions that transform your business.

Living product data

When you embed RFID intelligence into your existing products, the data they generate needs to do three things in order to be useful to you:

  • It must uniquely identify individual products: So that every single one of your products has its own distinct, digital identity.
  • It must be collected remotely: So you can track every single product when it’s pinged by a sensor or smartphone, wherever it is.
  • It must be normalized for your existing digital systems: So you can seamlessly integrate it into your current processes and analytics.

In order to use all the data generated by the Internet of your things, you need a platform that can manage all that data for you.

Key platform capabilities

Our platform manages and orchestrates the data generated by the Internet of your things, integrating with your digital systems and powering transformative solutions. It enables you to:

  • Manage a unique digital identity for every single product, based on their RFID tags, bar codes, QR codes and other common systems.
  • Define relationships and interactions between individual products, sensors and people.
  • Respond to events in the real world by triggering open-standard workflows.
  • To turn raw data into useful analysis by preparing the data for use in your current analytics tools and our solutions.

Our platform gives you the visibility and control you need to extend the digitalization of your business all the way through to the real world, connecting every single product, for new insights and experiences.

So who owns the data?

The short answer is: you do. The long answer is that while we do manage the data for most of our customers, you can always store it on your own servers if you need to. We don’t share your data with any other parties.


Our platform integrates with your existing digital systems for CRM, ERP, etc., by using powerful data virtualization and executing open-standard workflows between them when necessary.

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